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This is the Linux driver for all the new Prism devices with an ISL38xx, even if they are SoftMAC. It supports USB and PCI.
For now, this is located at http://jbnote.free.fr/


This is the FreeBSD equivalent of islsm. It only supports USB devices, though.
Installation instructions are here, and are also included in the README file in the archive.
This driver reuses parts from the Linux islsm driver (a lot of the protocol reverse engineering comes from there).
This new version is for FreeBSD 6 only. FreeBSD 5 support has been discontinued.
p54u does NOT work with ANY Linux distribution.
» Download version 0.8


You must use official 2.x ("SoftMAC") firmware with these drivers. Alternatively, both can also load unofficial reverse-engineered FreeMAC firmware, but the chipset has not yet been analyzed to the point where we can actually use the radio of the device, so FreeMAC is unusable for non-developers for now.
» Version for USB version 1 devices, using endpoints 0x02 and 0x82 (deprecated scheme)
» Version for USB version 1 devices
» Version for USB version 2 devices
» Version for PCI devices

Supported device list


USB Vendor (hex)USB Product (hex)Common nameChipset
50412234Linksys WUSB54GNET2280, ISL3886
50412235Linksys WUSB54G PortableNET2280, ISL3880/ISL3886?
19152234Linksys WUSB54G OEMNET2280, ISL3880/ISL3886?
19152235Linksys WUSB54G Portable OEMNET2280, ISL3880/ISL3886?
05060A113COM 3CRWE254G72NET2280, ISL3880/ISL3886?
20013701DLink G120NET2280, ISL3880/ISL3886?
20013703DLink G122NET2280, ISL3880/ISL3886?
0CDE0006Medion 40900, Roper EuropeNET2280, ISL3880/ISL3886?
08464200Netgear WG121NET2280, ISL3880/ISL3886?
08464210Netgear WG121NET2280, ISL3880/ISL3886?
08464220Netgear WG111NET2280, ISL3880/ISL3886?
0707EE06SMC 2862W-GNET2280, ISL3880/ISL3886?
124A4023Shuttle PN15NET2280, ISL3880/ISL3886?
124A4023Airvast WM168gNET2280, ISL3880/ISL3886?
124A4023IOGear GWU513NET2280, ISL3880
083A4502Siemens Gigaset USB Adapter 54NET2280, ISL3886
083A5501Philips CPWUA054/00NET2280, ISL3886
08464240Netgear WG111v2GW3887
0CDE0008Sagem XG703AGW3887
09AA1000Spinnaker Proto boardGW3887
413C8102Spinnaker DUTGW3887
050d7050Belkin F5D7050 ver 1000GW3887
09152000Cohiba Proto boardGW3887
09152002Cohiba Proto boardGW3887
05722000Cohiba Proto boardGW3887
05722002Cohiba Proto boardGW3887
413C8104Cohiba Proto boardGW3887
0D8E3762DLink DWL-G120 CohibaGW3887
14350427Inventel UR045GGW3887
083A4521Siemens Gigaset USB Adapter 54 (new version)GW3887


PCI Vendor (hex)PCI Product (hex)Common name
12603877Generic ISL3877
12603886Generic ISL3886
12603888Generic ISL3888
12603890Generic ISL3890
10B760013COM 3CRWE154G72