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The FullMAC driver

This driver is included in the stock Linux kernel, as 'prism54'. Just enable the configuration option.
If you want the bleeding edge version, the Subversion repository is located here (you can also use svn co svn://svn.tuxfamily.org/svnroot/prism54/prism54).

Supported devices

Only PCI cards with an ISL3877, ISL3880 and ISL3890 work. The new devices with an ISL3886, known as "newmac", "softmac" or even "thinmac" are not supported. If you have one of these devices, or if you have an USB card, you must use this instead.


You must use official, proprietary 1.x firmware with this driver.
You can download from here :
» Version (for ISL3880 and ISL3890)
» Version (for ISL3877)
You should rename this firmware to /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware/isl3890.