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Welcome to the new Prism54.org website !

The Prism54 project is now made up of three pieces of software : islsm, a Linux driver which supports the new ISL3886/ISL3887-based devices (known as "newmacs" or "softmac" devices), p54u, which is the FreeBSD equivalent of islsm (only USB devices are supported by now, though) and FreeMAC, aimed at writing a GPL-licensed firmware for all Conexant chipsets (no matter whether they are supposed to run SoftMAC or FullMAC firmwares). FreeMAC is currently unusable for non-developers, but islsm and p54u are functional with SoftMAC firmwares. All these projects are done with no help from Conexant, we have to reverse engineer their designs.

If you are new to this site and want to set up your wireless device...

If you have an USB device with an ISL38xx or GW3887 chip, you must use islsm or p54u. See this page.
If you have a PCI card :

Development news