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Miscellaneous software


The utility fwextract extracts your device's firmware from the .SYS file in the Windows driver. This program guesses where the beginning and the end of the firmware are using the facts that the firmware usually starts by ARM NOP and the string "PACKPACKPACK" is found near its beginning, and that the firmware ends with its size (32 bit little endian integer). So it may not be 100%-reliable, although it is very unlikely that you get a corrupted firmware from it.
Untar the archive, compile with make (the program is ANSI C - should work on most platforms) then run :
./fwextract inputfile.sys basename nobyteswap
where inputfile.sys is the Windows driver you want to extract the firmware from. The extracted firmwares, if any is found, will be named basename00.arm, basename01.arm, and so on. Specify "byteswap" if you are extracting firmware on a big-endian architecture. If you have a device with a firmware whose build string is not listed on this page nor on Jean Baptiste Note's, please report it. You can get your firmware's build string with the Unix command :
strings myfirmware.arm | grep Version
» Download


Utility to dump the contents of the NET2280 configuration EEPROM. Only useful to reverse engineer USB version 1 devices.
» Download utility
» Download EEPROM of the Siemens Gigaset USB Adapter 54
» Download EEPROM of the 3COM Officeconnect wireless 11g USB adapter (contributed by Philip Armstrong)


Utility to analyze the NET2280 EEPROM (contributed by Benedikt Spranger).
» Download
» Download analyzed EEPROM of the Siemens Gigaset USB Adapter 54 (contributed by Johannes Steingraeber)

Photos of the hardware

Siemens Gigaset USB Adapter 54

Inside the built-in antenna :

Netgear WG111 version 2

(contributed by DG4OAQ)

Sitecom WL-121

(contributed by Alexandre Strube)

Netgear WUSB54G

(contributed by bogie)